Jackson Nebraska is located along highway 20 and is home to 223 residents just 10 miles West of Sioux City, IA.  We’re a proud community with lots of history.


Highway 20 Construction Project

A pre-construction meeting was held on Wednesday, March 27.  Construction is scheduled to start on Monday, April 1. They are anticipating this project will be completed at the end of October. 

The first phase of the work will be on the utilities.  NNPPD will be taking down the power polls and the utilities will be buried along the highway.  We will only have street lights on the highway once the project is completed.

When road work begins they will start at the west end of town and on the south lane.  During construction, road width will be limited to 9′.  They will work on the highway a third at a time and hope to have two lanes of traffic open during construction.  They will also close every other intersection through town. 

At some point during this project parking on Highway 20 will be discontinued.  The No Parking will stay in affect going forward.  With three lanes of traffic there will not be room for people to park on the highway.  We will also have proper curbs in place and parking on the sidewalk will not be allowed. 

We understand the disruption that the construction work will bring but appreciate everyone’s patience through this project.  Once the work is completed we will have a beautiful new highway, new sidewalks that line both sides of the road, and improved drainage systems.  This will be a great improvement to what we currently have in place. 

Additional updates will be provided with the monthly utility bills. 

If you have any questions please contact a board member.  Their phone numbers are located on your utility bill. 

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